The Story Behind The Book

  • This book belongs to so many people - to those, who trusted me with their stories, to the team of printers, who printed this under shelling,

  • to the designer who was looking for the glass for her windows, blown out from explosion, whilst creating the book cover

  • The first printed edition of 'Around the War in Twenty Stories' is a charity project - all the money from the sales will be shared among charitable projects.

  • ‘These stories are beautifully written and give a stunning and poignant sense of the state of play’.

    Alec Russell, Foreign Editor, Financial Times

About Anna Shevchenko

  • Anna Shevchenko is a British-Ukrainian writer anda compulsive storyteller. One of her stories, ‘Bequest’, made it to a novel, which was nominated for a George Orwell Prize in the UK, selected in the top forty summer reads list in the Independent and shortlisted for two prizes at the European Literature Salon in France.

    Her novel ‘The Game’ was a Book of the Month in France, the choice of Belgian booksellers as a Book of the Year and was one of the top five Foreign Books of the Year in Ukraine.

    Anna is also the author of Culture Smart! Ukraine, a guide to Ukrainian culture, currently on its second edition. Her articles have appeared in various publications, including The Times, The Guardian and The Telegraph.
    She collected the stories for this book working across Europe and in Ukraine in 2022-23.